Tim Connolly

Director – Planning (BRTP, MPIA)

Tim Connolly (Town Planner) has over 37 years’ experience in development planning where he has developed significant knowledge. He is known for clear thinking, innovative thought, proven exceptional service, relationship building and trust and integrity.

“I like that we are actually creating places where people will work, live, and play. I enjoy working with people and establishing lasting relationships based on respect and performance. We work in a sometimes-complex environment, and it is extremely satisfying to provide client service and collaboratively achieve great outcomes.”

Tim has worked with public and private industry clients across all sectors, leading teams of knowledge specialists in planning, surveying, urban design and landscape architecture to create his vision of liveable communities. He has been instrumental in policy and practice development in the planning and development process, where is has contributed to successful pilot programs and outcomes.

His role with PEAKURBAN involves the management, communication and strategy for potential and existing development projects.